Miami Ft Lauderdale VERY COOL HVAC Company...or NOT

When one has reached the age of 86, one should continue to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Mom lives in a gorgeous condo facing the ocean and the Westin Diplomat golf course. South Florida lends itself to hot, hot weather. So when your air conditioner takes a dive, you want to get a replacement right away.

How do you choose a vendor?  You ask.  You network.  You take a chance.

All you really want to know is if you can rely and depend on the vendor doing the installation. You may also select the same Rheem unit that lasted for the past twenty years.  When the owner of that company you ultimately select assures you he and his company services your area you believe him!

Further his website says: Rely on our trustworthy service and commitment to integrity, because . . . “We Show Up!”

Rudd Air ConditionderRudd air Conditioner

Three years ago we engaged the services of Miami based A1A Jay-RayAir Conditioning and invested $3,000+ in a new system. They installed a Rudd even though we requested a Rheem. We never dreamed we would have any problems. It happens!

In December of 2013, we knew we had an issue when the coils froze.  We contacted A1A Jay-Ray and they were not available that day to come out. With the weather reaching north of 80 degrees we needed help immediately.  We called around for recommendations and discovered E. H. Whitson Air Conditioning locally here in Hollywood, FL.  The service man arrived and replaced the refrigerant but did not have the gauges to check if the lines had a leak.

A mere four months later, the unit began making strange noises.  We again called A1A Jay-Ray since they installed the Rudd unit and it has a 10 year warranty.  To our dismay we were informed this company no longer services our area.  A quick trip to their website still indicates they do.

We called E. H Whitson again and they sent out their service rep who told us we needed to replace the coils which are under warranty but the labor was not.  After a 24 hour block of time we received the news it would cost us over $600. to remove the part and install the new part.

Dilemma – do we move forward or get another opinion?

We opted for another opinion and happy to say Signature Air Conditioning company in Hallandale Beach not only diagnosed the problem but solved the problem in less than 24 hours at a quarter of the estimated cost.

We incurred additional fees since this company does not use the same vendor as A1A Jay-Ray when replacing items under warranty. More importantly, the coil was not the problem…it was the fan.

We are VERY COOL now but really…does an 86 year old woman need all this added stress and aggravation in her life? Mom says NO.  Eileen Burns says NO.

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